About Us

Motivating and supporting people to be the best versions of themselves is what I love waking up to everyday.

Enchanté! My name is Marta. I am an experienced and certified massage therapist and beauty expert. I have obtained my title of beauty expert in 2008 in Poland. In the years to come I have worked in a number of renowned spa, wellness and beauty clinics across the country, amongst which the OSSA Spa Center. I continued my professional development further whilst in the Netherlands.

As a growing professional I developed an interest for massage therapy as an adjutant to beauty treatments. My interest was further stimulated by the growing demand of women to enjoy treatments which not only compliment their beauty but also address the shape of their body, imperfections and their internal state of well being. Last but not least, I found massage therapy to be intimately connecting with my customers, leading me to developed a passion for it. I am further motivated by the positive feedback about our services.

In the following years I underwent certified training courses in deep tissue massage and drainage techniques. This opened my eyes to the broad applicability of massage treatments to muscle, body and health related issues. In 2011 I completed training in adhesive response treatments and cupping. I went on to become a certified Lomi-Lomi masseuse. I am constantly in development and training, to expand and improve my array of treatments, in a constantly developing world of massage therapy, with new insights arriving every year.

Enchanté originated from a joint initative and shared vision of me and my partner Artur. Together, we stride to provide each customer with a memorable and pleasant experience. In the future, our goal is to expand Enchanté to combine massages with spa treatments, as well as broader esthetic/cosmetic services. A place which every woman can call her own… A place to relax, unwind and recharge – before returning back to reality – in an atmosphere of tranquility, trust and comfort. With our service we wish to support women (as far as our hands can reach), in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.