Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage

A full body, deep tissue, hollistic treatment based on 400 years of Indonesian massage practice

Traditional medical practices from India, China and other parts of Asia contributed to the development of massage on the Indonesian island of Bali. This varied background gives the practice a multilayered quality, incorporating unique techniques from fields that may otherwise have not been combined. From a Western perspective, Balinese massage mixes methods that can be tested by scientific means (deep massage) with those falling outside the realm of objective examination (energy- or spirit-based theories like acupressure and reflexology).

Balinese massage draws on on a unique combination of various methods, such as aromatherapy and Indonesian relaxation massage, as well as acupressure, Ayurveda and reflexology. Thanks to this combination of techniques, this form of massage not only soothes the nerves and relaxes the mind, but also reduces muscle aches and pains while relaxing the body.

The massage features deep pressure strokes, that are however friction-free to reach the deeper layer of muscle tissues and potentially injured/overstrained areas.

Good to know!

  • The massage features strong yet friction free strokes that will leave you relaxed from head to toe
  • Balinese massage is proven to aid in the treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia
  • CONTRAINDICATIONS for this massage: menstruation, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases of the skin, fresh injuries and fractures, infections and diseases associated with increased body temperature.

Balinese Massage

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Has a calming effect, reduces stress
  • Helps with tension and anxiety complaints
  • For fans of "harder" massage
  • Based on 400 year old massage practice

Duration & Price

60 minutes / €65.-

90 minutes / €85.-

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