Bamboo Bliss Massage

Bamboo Bliss Massage

“The bamboo sings with the wind…

…bringing an enchantment of peace and quiet”

The Bamboo plant holds a valuable position even mythical amongst many cultures of the world. Over 1200 varieties of bamboo exist, growing as trees or bushes, however, there are two places in the world where naturally no bamboo occurs – Europe and Antarctica. The integration of bamboo sticks in combination with wellness and massage in particular, is quite new. This practice has been adopted by only a handful of therapists globally.

The Bamboo Bliss massage features techniques acquired from a handful of available practitioners worldwide and integrated with current spa practices to produce a brand new approach to deep and intense massage styles. This integration is known as LaBamboo Therapy, at the Center for Massage Perfection in 2016 in Poland. It forms the foundation on which our massage is based on.

This treatment has a holistic effect on the body. It will allow you to achieve a state of relaxation, regeneration and bliss. The warmth and relaxation will take away your nervous tension, improve your mood, while the aromas will stimulate your senses. Your skins elasticity will improve and contribute to modeling your figure.

Good to know!

  • This massage is  performed on a naked body. Dispensable women’s underwear is provided with every treatment
  • The massage is safe and painless
  • Helps in your fight against cellulite
  • Avoid eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol in the hours leading up to your massage
  •  Not suitable for women prone to hemorrhaging or with localized active inflammatory states or enlarged lymph nodes.

Bamboo Bliss Massage

  • Deep and intense stimulation of muscle tissue
  • Firm yet painless
  • For fans of "harder" massage
  • Beneficial in combating celullitis
  • Improves mood and can reduce anxiety symptoms

Duration & Price

60 minutes / €65.-

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