Pregnancy Lomi Lomi Massage (Pre/Post Natal)

Pregnancy Lomi Lomi Massage (Pre/Post Natal)

Various massage techniques depending on stage of pregnancy. Helps to relax muscles, reduce swelling and speed up recovery of your body after birth.

You may think of a massage as a luxury to indulge in on occasion. But one of the most beneficial times for a massage may be during pregnancy.

Pre/post natal massage is term for a hands on massage during or after pregnancy.

In the pre natal period, relaxation and soothing techniques are used. Alleviates strain and pain in tired muscles, around the spine and painful, swollen feet commonly experienced, especially in the later stages.  Systematic repetition helps to alleviate discomfort, reduce fatigue and improve stamina. 

The post natal massage aims to speed up the regeneration of your body after giving birth. Post natal massage can be divided in two stages. The first stage is during the breast feeding period where massage aims mainly to reduce associated swelling and pain as well as improve sleep. The second stage begins when breastfeeding stops, and features stronger pressure techniques that speed up your bodies regeneration as well as skin elasticity and excess kilo loss. 

Good to know!

  • The massage techniques are fully safe for you and your child
  • The pre-natal massage is most effective when applied from the 2nd trimester onward
  • The post natal massage can be applied not sooner than 6 weeks following birth
  • Systematic sessions help reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Improves overall sense of well-being for you and your little one

Pregnancy Massage (Pre/Post Natal)

  • Reduces anxiety and promotes a positive mood
  • Promotes sleep rhythm and quality
  • Relieves pain in tense areas
  • Reduces swelling and fatigue
  • Supports the natural recovery process of the body and skin after childbirth
  • A treat for you and your little companion

Duration & Price

30 minutes / €40.-

60 minutes / €60.-

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