Tensegrity Massage

Tensegrity Massage

Aims to restore the natural tension of the muscle tissue. This method is scientifically proven to be highly effective in relieving (persistent) pain symptoms.

Our bodies, modern architecture, and the universe itself are governed by laws of tensegrity.  The body is not a rigid skeleton with muscles and ligaments attached.  It is actually a delicate balance of tensile and compressive forces that hold all of the structures in perfect balance.  When muscles become too strong or too weak, when ligaments are sprained, or when we have poor posture, we “lose” tensegrity. Loss of tensegrity in turn, is a leading cause of sports-related injuries and chronic pain syndromes.  Whether it be an imbalance of the muscles, joints, diet, or lifestyle, restoring this balance is essential to healing.

The term tensegrity applied to the human body structure is stimulating the formation of a completely new conceptual framework of looking at the human body and its mechanics. It is lending itself to a revolution in the fields of physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage and chiropractic research. It does so by adding new dimensions to the traditional biomechanical thinking, where bones are seen as building blocks of the human body with bones and joints taking the brunt of the weight or load. Biotensegrity instead, sees the muscles around the bones as distributors of force and weight, as opposed to bones and joints themselves. The truth is we are not mechanical beings, we are not cars. According to this belief, if you keep your muscles strong and limber, they will absorb the weight instead of your bones, individually. You may therefore be surprised that the solution to your painful shoulder may well lie in muscles located in your hip. Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves.

The tensegrity massage we offer translates the biotensegrity model into practice. This model considers you body’s framework and structure as relying on four underlying muscle systems, each dealing with specific muscle groups. The method we offer has been recently perfected by the Academy of Physical Education of Wroclaw Poland and is the most comprehensive and effective treatment in this field to date. The results speak for themselves – each treatment begins with a diagnosis of the problem followed by an evaluation at the end of the massage.

Good to know!

  • Before your tensegrity massage, you will be asked to fill in a form about previous and current (medical) conditions
  • During the massage, you will be positioned on your side, with cushions used to support you
  • In most cases, benefits can be achieved already after one massage. Injuries that are more complex may require repetition
  • This massage is generally not painful, but depending on the nature of the injury, some discomfort may be experienced

Tensegrity Massage

  • Provides relief from pain complaints and postural deformities
  • Increases mobility range and ease of movement
  • Direct result: testing before and after massage
  • Evidence based treatment

Duration & Price

30 minutes / €45.-

60 minutes / €80.-

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