Frequently Asked Questions

“The Greatest gift is not being afraid to question”

-Ruby Dee (actress, journalist, civil rights activist)

  • What can I expect on my visit to Enchanté?

    We want your (first) visit to be not only enjoyable, but also unforgettable. That is why we hold a short meeting to tailor the treatment to your wishes / interests and give advice. You will be treated professionally, with kindness and respect. We are always open to questions / preferences / advice at all times (also during the treatment)

  • Are there contraindications to having massage?

    Yes, there are. It is therefore essential that any relevant physical / medical, allergen history or if you are or think you are pregnant, communicate clearly and in advance with us to your practitioner.

  • Are there any painful treatments?

    Although we do our best to avoid it, the experience of pain during treatment depends on many factors, such as the nature of the treatment or the condition of your body. We specify which treatments can cause discomfort, but the best way to avoid this feeling is through clear communication with your masseuse.

  • Do I have to be naked for the treatment?

    This is entirely up to you, although the majority of our customers choose to experience our massages on a naked body. We offer you the opportunity to undress and undress with privacy
    and provide disposable women's underwear for any treatment. If you are uncomfortable with this, let us know immediately!

  • Can I gift a treatment to someone?

    Sure thing! You can purchase almost any treatment in the form of a gift card to give to someone you want to appreciate. A number of our special offers are also available as gift vouchers.

  • Where can I park on my visit to Enchanté?

    Directly next to our building, we have parking spaces for our customers. Please refrain from parking directly in front of the entrance door.

  • Is Enchanté wheel chair accessible?

    Unfortunately, at this time it is not. We are working on a solution to improve on this.

  • Who carries out the treatment?

    Always a female practitioner. Enchanté was born from the idea - "by women for women" and we proudly stick to that.

  • Can treatments qualify for reimbursement from health insurance?

    In principle yes, but this strongly depends on your policy conditions and health insurance provider. In some cases a (partial) refund of your costs can be recovered, but do not automatically assume this! Ask your healthcare provider about this further and ask us about the options.

  • How can I prepare for a treatment?

    Make time for your treatment - scheduling a massage "in between" appointments is generally - a bad idea. There are oils and creams that can get on your hair / clothing and being in a hurry counteracts relaxation. Do not eat heavy meals 2 hours before the treatment and drink plenty of water after the treatment. Finally, keep in mind - this is your time - and no one else's - to unwind and reward yourself for your daily commitment: communicate all your wishes!