Skin Elasticity Massage

Multiple massage techniques involving rubbin, rolling and cupping for a “tighter”, smoother and more youthful skin appearance


Skin elasticity massage

Skin Elasticity massage is a combination of deep and soft massage techniques, such as slapping and high pressure. The skin is operationalized by the hands of the therapist and subjected to pressure, rubbing and rolling. In addition cupping may be used to complement the effects of the massage. Helps to sculpt your figure and makes your skin tighter and fresher.


30 minutes / € 40.- 

Good to know

  • This is generally not a painful therapy, though some discomfort may be experienced
  • Inform the therapist of any pre-existing skin conditions
  • Single sessions may produce the desired effect, however visible effects appear better with repetition

Firms your skin and gives it a “tighter” appearance

Loosen irregular adhesion between muscle and skin

Improve skin performance and promotes a smooth, youthful appearance

Stimulates blood circulation

Increases energy

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